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Business quotes for shipping supplies made simple

shipping suppliesShipping supplies are some of the most basic items that any company needs for their customers’ conveniences. A properly packaged item arrives safely and reflects on the company’s reputation with each shipment. These supplies, however, can be expensive when they’re purchased at retail prices. It’s important to find business quotes on these supplies through online resources.

Quick Online Form

Requesting a quote on shipping supplies shouldn’t be a difficult process. Online-quoting processes make an inquiry as simple as possible. Companies don’t have to call and remain on hold with a shipment-supply business. Fill out a short form with the company’s name, contact information and requested items. A representative can send a list of prices on those requested items while suggesting other inventory that complements those needs. Purchasing several box sizes usually means that the order will also require packing peanuts or some other form of material for extra protection of the item. ¬†With a single click of the item you can add it to your order.

Saved Account for Shipping Supplies

Once a company selects their supplier, the information filled out through the online portal is instantly converted into a saved account. Shipment-supply managers can access that account at any time. The company’s information remains securely saved with access to previous histories for accounting purposes. There’s no need to fill out a brand-new form with each supply order. For many companies, this easy-ordering process is one of the best parts of the online world and is used more frequently than you would think.

Bulk Pricing Available

The saved account and personal service allows the company to have access to bulk pricing. If the business constantly orders a huge volume of packing peanuts, a certain discount might apply. Because this bulk pricing is built into the online-ordering process, shipping supplies and their cost are never marked incorrectly. A fast order with an agreed-upon price is commonplace as a result.

Time Savings

Companies always want a swift, ordering process when they order their supplies. The online platform shouldn’t be slow or reload without notice. A receipt of the order will be instantly available through the account or possibly emailed to the supply manager. All of these convenient features equal time savings in the work environment that can be priceless.

From packing peanuts to cardboard boxes, shipment supplies should always be available for those last-minute purchases. Ideally, keep an extra box of supplies on hand as the supplies dwindle down in volume. As workers access this last box, place another supply order. Frustrated vendors and customers may be the result if you can’t ship an item due to lack of supplies.

For more information about shipping supplies and the ease of ordering through an online portal visit, http://www.ecobox.com/

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