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Don’t REfuse to REuse

AUSTIN, Texas – March 4, 2008 – EcoBox, the leading supplier of used moving boxes and shipping supplies in Texas, wants to get the word out about how easy, economical and effective it is to REUSE instead of RECYCLE when it comes to cardboard moving boxes.

You have probably heard the saying “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. This is a fairly common phrase you will see at most recycling centers and on waste containers nationwide to promote environmentally-friendly methods of reducing waste. What you may not know is that these three R’s are listed in chronological order. Though we’ve all become quite conditioned to recycling as a great way to reduce waste and help the environment, reusing products and materials, and reducing our consumption in the first place have a much more positive impact on the environment.

Here at EcoBox we want to make it as easy as possible to reuse cardboard moving boxes by following the 3 steps below:

STEP 1:Stack your boxes flat.

After you complete your move, gather all your used cardboard boxes together and collapse them down into a flat stack. Please sort the boxes by size and don’t remove any applied tape.


STEP 2: Schedule EcoBox to pickup the used boxes for FREE.

Go to www.ecobox.com to schedule our truck to pickup the used boxes at your house. (A minimum of 50 boxes required for pickup) OR bring the used boxes to any of local retail stores. We will even pay up to 20% of the purchase price for your used boxes!!


STEP 3:Buy USED boxes for your next move to keep the cycle going.

Once the used boxes can no longer be reused we will put them in a recycle bin where they can be made into new boxes to start the process over again!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Are USED boxes as good as NEW boxes?

Answer: Absolutely YES. For moving purposes and some shipping purposes, used boxes work just as well as new boxes. The only difference being a used box may have some writing on the box or tape on the flaps from the previous user. All of our used boxes are inspected to be free of water damage, holes, tears, or other defects that would render them unusable. If they don’t pass inspection they are recycled.


Question: How does EcoBox obtain USED boxes?

Answer: We buy used boxes back from homeowners who have recently completed moving their home or apartment. We also buy used boxes from other businesses that may have excess boxes or misprinted boxes. We will also buy used boxes even if they originally came from other suppliers i.e. UHaul, Self Storage Facilities, National Moving Companies.


Question: Will EcoBox buy my boxes back?

Answer: Yes. We will pay up to 20% of the original purchase price for used boxes. We will also pickup used boxes anywhere in our local delivery area. If you have 50 boxes we will pick them up but, not pay for them. If you have 75 boxes we will pick them up as well as pay you for them.

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