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EcoBox Presents….Biodegradable Bubble Wrap!

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Bubble Wrapped EcoBox is excited to announce that it will now stock Bio-Bubble, a 100% biodegradable bubble wrap. This fantastic news is sure to appeal to our Eco Conscious customers and the environment as the introduction of Bio-Bubble is sure to result in less plastic waste remaining in landfills for hundreds of years.Bio-Bubble has the same strength and durability as regular bubble wrap; the only difference is that Bio-Bubble contains a special formula called d2W. This formula will cause Bio-Bubble to breakdown after it is discarded and brought to a landfill site. Once in a landfill, an environment where sunlight, heat, water and stress are present the Bio-Bubble will begin to decompose.Once decomposition has occurred the only by-products that result are small amounts of CO2, H2O and biomass that serve as nutrients for soil microbes.
Bio-Bubble is non-toxic and will not harm plants, animals or humans.This eco-friendly alternative will not cost you any more than regular bubble wrap either! Offering a green alternative to or customers is another way EcoBox is keeping its commitment to the environment. Making sure that this eco option is available to our customers at the same price as regular bubble wrap, means that choosing the environmentally friendly option will be a no-brainer!
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2 Responses to “EcoBox Presents….Biodegradable Bubble Wrap!”

  1. C Riddell Says:

    Is there any data on performance under a shipping conditions ( Cushioning Curves ) as well as what time frame & what conditions will product biodegrade.


  2. Larry Grider Says:

    I own a promotions company dedicated to “green” alternatives. Please contact me to see if I can be of value to you by introducing your product to some of my existing clients which include local and State Governments.

    I am also on a Governor’s office appointed committee with assignmnent to suggest how Indiana can become greener.

    Please confirm receipt.


    Larry Grider
    “Helping You Add GREEN to Your Bottom Line”

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