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Econo Box Changes Name To EcoBox


Starting August 1st, 2007 Econo Box will officially become EcoBox with the launch of our new http://www.ecobox.com/ domain. The decision to change our name was the culmination of several factors, chief among them the proliferation of our business model as an earth friendly, money saving reseller of used moving boxes.

“Global initiatives such as projects by Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and the recent Live Earth concerts meant to garner awareness and call citizens to action, were heard long ago by this company. EcoBox is a company that has taken that position to heart in developing a business model based primarily on the 3R’s recycling, reusing and thus reducing the number of moving boxes used,” states managing partner Dale Malone. “A seemingly simply premise and our business model saves not only money, which every one can use a little more of, particularly when they’re budgeting for a move, but also helps to save the environment.”

“Each year, over 40 million Americans undertake the rigor of moving, whether across the city, the state or the country. If half of those people reused their moving boxes, either by repacking them, giving them to friends, family or selling them to a company such as EcoBox, no fewer than 200,000 trees and almost 300 million gallons of water could be saved. If only a quarter of them reused their moving boxes, over 100,000 trees and almost 150 million gallons of water could be saved.”

In addition, there is a company outside of Seattle, WA with the same Econo Box name. That company owns the ‘econobox.com’ domain resulting in us using the less desirable ‘econo-box.com’ domain. Confusion ensued between our customers. With further thought, the need to establish our own, unique online branding became evident. This opened a new opportunity for us to promote the earth friendly philosophy that originally spawned the idea of Econo Box.

“Reusing the boxes from a typical family move, can in fact, save a tree. It can also save 5.29 cubic feet of landfill, 1,647 gallons of water and save on oil. That’s what a single person can do,” Dale explains. “It may only be a start, but that’s a lot. And we’re more than happy to do our part with the launch of our new web site, http://www.ecobox.com/

Neither our management or ownership has changed. You can still expect the same level of great customer service with the best prices around for all of your moving & shipping needs. We are still your moving & shipping warehouse.

In the end, it turns out that not only is saving the earth a moving experience, but a moving experience can help save the earth.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-267-8714 with your questions or comments.

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