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Have you heard of a mattress box? Where do I get one?

Mattress BoxBooks, dishes and other objects fit snugly into standard boxes before a big moving day, but people are often stumped when it comes to packing their bed. Mattresses are understandably large, and they also require extra care because of their importance during quality sleep. Instead of damaging or soiling the mattress by just hauling it into a moving truck, consider a mattress box purchased from online retailers. These containers will make a world of difference during a future move.

A Distinct Dimension

Mattresses have specific dimensions based on their size. These sizes are cohesive throughout the bedding industry to organize accessories with the mattresses. In most cases, mattresses range from 8- to 14-inches thick. These values are followed by mattress box manufacturers so that consumers can slide their beds quickly into the cardboard sheath. Simply look for the words “standard” or “pillowtop” to narrow down the boxing choices.

Crib to King

Although the mattress’s thickness is important to consider, people should also be aware of the bed’s industry size. Crib, twin, full, double, queen, king and California king are all designations of set mattress sizes. There are mattresses boxes meant for all of these dimensions. Ideally, the corresponding box should fit snugly around a bare mattress. It’s possible to tape it together afterward, and the mattress will be perfectly protected.

Useful For Other Items

Some consumers might be concerned about mattress boxes not being useful after that one moving day. That’s far from the truth, however, because other items can be placed in them otherwise. If people have artwork that they’d like to store in the attic, basement or garage, these bed boxes are perfect choices for long-term protection. Several pieces of art might fit into one box alone.

Add in a Bag

Consumers may buy several moving blankets and boxes for their beloved beds, but they can further protect their mattresses with basic plastic bags. Online retailers sell both the bags and boxes together so that all of the dimensions match. Cover the mattress in plastic, and then slide it into the box. The mattress will be protected from all dust at that point.

Use ample moving blankets around other items that you might move, including that floor lamp. The padding offered by moving blankets allows oddly shaped items to be hauled without any damage. When you couple them with a mattress box, you’ll have a trouble-free move into a new home.

For more information on where to purchase a mattress box for moving visit, http://www.ecobox.com/

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