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Large moving boxes and packing smart

large moving boxes

When a company carries large moving boxes, it doesn’t want to be limited to just one size or very few accessories. In fact, a business wants to be known as the best supply warehouse for all of its customers. Choose clever moving supplies for an eclectic inventory. Consider some of these packing smarts when the next stocking order is ready to be sent over.

A Box for it All

Buyers always start with large moving boxes because they’re the most obvious necessity for the inventory. Ideally, choose several different sizes so that every customer has a wide range of choices. Failing to offer that one box size may tempt the customer to move onto another company as a resource. Offer varying box strengths as well. Thicker box walls will always hold heavier items for those major moves.

The Tiny Details

Beautiful tables, grandfather clocks and other furniture can be instantly damaged with one small move. Along with moving boxes and supplies within a store, carry edge protection and other detailed products for those important furniture pieces. When a customer sees that they can protect their furniture, they’ll simply stock up on the rest of the moving needs out of sheer convenience. Be the retailer that has every item ready for purchase so that each customer is happy with their next move.

Blankets and Tape

When people purchase their moving boxes and supplies, they don’t always realize that there’s many more items that they’ll need. Blankets to protect those dining-room table leaflets are critical necessities, for instance. Ample lengths of tape to hold the blankets tightly against the item are needed too. A clever company manager will point out these needs to their customers while showing them a huge inventory to choose from.

Stretch it Out

Stretch wrap is a fantastic supply to have on hand for those specialized moving needs. Companies can show off this product by demonstrating it on a chair or other oddly shaped items. Moving boxes and supplies can only cover certain needs. Stretch wrap can make any item easy to transport without any damage.

Customers will usually want packing peanuts with their moving boxes and supplies so carry a large volume of this classic item. In fact, this product can be purchased in bulk quantities so that it can be pieced out to customers as needed. Dazzling customers with large moving boxes is just the start of a lucrative business.

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