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The Complete EcoMoving Kit is Here!

AUSTIN, Texas – February 20, 2008 – EcoBox, the leading supplier of used moving boxes and shipping supplies in Texas, has just announced a revolution new eco-friendly product just in time for Earth Day !

Moving your home or an apartment has historically been a difficult task and often expensive task. As our society has become more mobile, it has become the norm for people to move 10 times or more during their lifespan. Deciding how many boxes to purchase and discovering the outrageous costs of new boxes has also added to the displeasure of moving.

However, we at EcoBox have tried to take some of the hassle and a lot of the costs (both monetarily and environmentally) associated with a move out of the equation. With the introduction of the Used Moving Kit 150 series we hope to solve several problems.

FIRST: All the moving supplies you need come in 1 box!
No more guessing how many boxes to buy. Order multiple kits depending on the size of your home. Kit includes:
10 used medium boxes 18”x 18” x 16” (good for appliances, toys, etc)
10 used small boxes 16” x 12” x 12” (good for books, dishes, records, etc)
2 rolls of tape
1 tape gun
1 marker
1 box cutter
4 lbs of newsprint (approx 75 sheets)
1 roll of Bio-Bubble 12”wide by 15ft long 3/16”thick
1 outer carton can be used as a picture mirror box 35” x 6 ½” x 36”

SECOND: Because the kit contains USED moving boxes you will save almost 40%. We buy used boxes from the general public as well as businesses. The used boxes are inspected and then repacked into the moving kits. So after you are done with your move bring your boxes back to us and we’ll pay you for them!

THIRD: The kit is delivered to your door step.
If you live in the Austin, TX area we will deliver for free with a $95min order.
If you live outside the Austin, TX area we ship the kits via UPS for a nominal shipping charge.

Convenience delivered to your doorstep. Less hassle, less time, less emissions.

Convenience, Costs Savings, and Environmental Savings all rolled up into one easy to carry Moving Kit. Here at EcoBox we truly believe that recycling can be a moving experience and when you Buy Green you Save Green.

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