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What if I Need Custom Cardboard Boxes for Shipping?


Whether you are an individual, small business or other kind of organization, sometimes it’s necessary to ship items in custom boxes.  The boxes might contain products you’ve sold, personal items as part of a move or samples for lab testing.  The point is, you need to ship boxes and the basic, “off the shelf” kind of box isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily, EcoBox has some custom options that you can use for all sorts of different applications.  That means if you need boxes to sort of mold to their contents or all of the boxes in a shipment must be a certain size to work, you can make a custom order. 


It’s easy to picture a bunch of oddly-shaped boxes when you hear the term ‘custom boxes. But there’s more to it than that.  Here are some of the options that you can customize to make the packaging more your own and suit your needs more exactly:

  • Custom Corrugated Inserts – these will enable you to fit several of the same items in one box.  They work well for bottles and similar items.
  • Custom Chipboard Inserts – custom chipboard inserts are another way to get multiple, uniform items into a single box.  The chipboard has a slightly different texture than the corrugated inserts, and is suitable for less fragile items.
  • Custom Foam Inserts – these will serve the same purpose as corrugated inserts, but with more of a cushioning effect on your items – perfect for electronics and other delicate items.
  • Boxes – in most cases for most shipping jobs, the standard kind of box will suffice.  However, if you need special die-cut boxes, or some added strength with double wall, all you have to do is ask EcoBox to create the right box for you.

The Benefits of Custom Boxes

Among other things, the custom cardboard box option that EcoBox offers ensures your items will get where they’re going, intact.  Sweating the details is no fun no matter what the topic, and definitely not when you have goods being shipped over a long distance.

Custom boxes and inserts will fit your items exactly how they’re supposed to fit, so that often-elusive peace of mind that everyone looks for when shipping boxes can be yours.

Contact EcoBox today for a quote on your custom box requirements.

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