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Where Can I Buy Boxes for My Move?


Whether one is moving out of a childhood home or moving into a new house, moving boxes, from small ones to big ones are always the first thing you look for to prepare for your move. Unlike ordinary boxes, moving and shipping boxes are specific for holding fragile items since they are made of double walls, compartments, and safety pouches. They are also customized to hold the weight of the material they are made for.

EcoBox has a variety of moving boxes with different shapes, sizes, and designs. EcoBox is also dedicated to providing recycled boxes to our customers. Here are some other great reasons why EcoBox is a great place to find boxes for your move:

Zero Minimum

Customers can buy any amount of boxes. There is no minimum purchase to be met and no maximum limit to avoid. Just buy what you need!


EcoBox offers boxes made of environmentally friendly and recycled materials. This means that the boxes, after use, do not contribute to the slow degradation of unrecyclable materials on the earth’s surface. The use of recycled boxes regulates the 113,267,000 cubic feet of land fill that is occupied by regular and non-biodegradable materials. Buying used boxes EcoBox also decreases the use of trees, water, and barrels of oil that are needed during the production of regular moving boxes.

Customized Boxes

EcoBoxes come in various styles and sizes to satisfy every customer’s needs for shipping. Each size can be customized to be single wall, double wall, or die cut. There are specific boxes for specific items. Lamps, golf clubs, or telescopes can be stored in either a regular lamp box or a tall lamp box. We also offer a Christmas tree box, guitar box, golf bag box and electronics box for DVD players or stereo receivers. We also have a gun box for rifles, golf clubs, carpet rolls, and fishing poles. The bike box is perfect for large bicycles, framed artworks, mirrors and other flat items. There are boxes specific for dishes and china like the dish barrel and dish packer

Excellent Shipping

EcoBox offers free next day delivery to select local areas and same day shipping if your order by 4:30 pm CST! Our staff members are also trained to deliver high-quality service. We can help you find all of the moving supplies you’ll need.

Visit our locations page to find an EcoBox location near you. Or, shop online and take advantage of our low-cost, fast shipping on all of your moving boxes and supplies.

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Our Mission Statement

EcoBox continually innovates to be the preferred supplier of boxes and shipping supplies. Using world class software to manage inventory, web sales, and customer service centers, EcoBox offers a tremendous selection of stock products as well as highly customized products. Utilizing multiple warehouses for local delivery and shipping nationwide, EcoBox can serve customers anywhere in the U.S. Whether you need one box or one thousand boxes, EcoBox will seek to find the best overall solution to your packaging needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Value & Selection

We take pride in sourcing quality products with a variety of selections that offer the best value for our customers!

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing if you need just one box or bundles. Wholesale pricing available for small, medium and large businesses.

Delivery & Service

Friendly professional service, free local delivery where available, a minimum purchase does apply.

Unique Items

We have our own patented UBlox kits available and we can offer customization services for your packaging needs.