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Working With Industry Partners to Provide Greater Value to Customers

Here at EcoBox we’re proud to do good business with good people, and we do this every day. Part of our mission is to grow commerce and to accomplish this and be a friend to the environment at the same time.

Our core business is to actively purchase (gently) used boxes from good folks everywhere, and give consumers the option to purchase these good quality used boxes for less than buying brand new ones. This is both good for consumers and good for the environment – It’s truly a “Win-Win” in a day and age where it’s uncommon to say that and really mean it.

Another element of doing good business is to find other businesses that we can work with and provide value to their customers, which in turn helps us grow too.

A great example of this is our relationship with Transit Systems, Inc. [http://www.TransitSystems.com]

TSI is a company that specializes in shipping furniture and helping folks make small moves over long distances, all for a fair and reasonable price.  They’re perfect for anyone moving a 1-2 bedroom apartment, so if your move is less than a full moving truck, but more than what you could take to your local UPS store, you want to give them a ring. TSI will help you with furniture shipping … like shipping a mattress, a desk, dining sets, and of course – lots of boxes filled with your valuable household items.

As TSI isn’t in the business of selling boxes and we’re not in the shipping business, this is a great match for both our organizations.  TSI wants to help their customers by providing the best services possible, and part of that is helping their customers with a few cost-saving options when it comes to purchasing boxes for their moves. We started by providing a few items like mattress boxes (something you need if you’re going to ship a mattress), and we’ve grown from there.

If you’re planning to make a small move, or you want to ship furniture to across the country, take a look at TransitSystems.com. You can read mover reviews on their site to see what their customers have to say, and you can also get an online quote for moving and shipping today, or call 1-888-863-8410 and speak to a shipping & small move specialist.

When you’re getting ready to move or ship, come back to Ecobox.com and we’ll take care of all your box needs, and for less than you might imagine.

Here’s to doing good business with good people, and to working with other folks in our industry to provide a little more value for consumers. Every dollar counts these days, and we value good relationships even more.

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